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Who we are

Our Pastoral Staff is here to serve not only the North Avenue Church Community, but the whole of Battle Creek. North Avenue is more than a bunch of pastors, so please check out the links to dig deeper into our beliefs and values.


If you need more information, or just prefer talking to a person, we would love to speak with you! If you would like to speak with one of our pastors, it's always a good idea to email or call first so we know to be in the office for you!

our Staff:
ECKMAN, Rev_edited.jpg
Jeff Eckman
HIRAKIS, MARY_edited.jpg
Mary Hirakis
SPITTERS, Rev_edited.jpg
Brian Spitters

Student and Children's Pastor

Jenny Salas

Creative Director

SALAS, Jenny; Pastoral Secretary_edited_
SPARKS, Rev_edited.jpg
Pat Gilbert

Associate Pastor

Cathy Aldrich

Pastoral Secretary

Jim Sparks

Pastor Emeritus

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